Technology Inclined or Declined?

We have seen a vast array of technology and how it has for the most part emerged and advanced from past eras and centuries up through now. The doesn’t seem to be any ending in sight and there shouldn’t be. Technology is what really drives us and allows us to communicate within the world we live in. Without technology, what are we left with? How can we accomplish and get any work done? What would the world be if we could not communicate for just 1 week? In the society that we live in today, the only reasonable answer would be” Utter Chaos”

However, with how fast technology continues to grow, most consumers might wonder how realistic it is to actually keep up. Before if you were a particular occupation , then you wouldn’t really have to worry about anything else but your job duties. However, now in just about any occupation you are in , you have to almost always be technically inclined in some fashion. Whether knowing the basics of internet, office applications,navigation, to sending emails is almost always included in job functions and not knowing these tasks may not land you the job you are applying for.

In my opinion, technology has become its very own environment and learning to adapt to it has become almost mandatory for most. Those who choose to keep it simple and not engage in the internet highways and social media frenzy have found themselves “caught out in the cold” so to speak. Technology has made it literally impossible to carry out the day-to-day tasks that we were so accustomed to in the earlier days. So you decide just how technically incline or decline you choose to be. One thing is for certain though, “With technology, nothing ever changes unless technology changes it for us, then at that point we have no choice”(Angel Murillo).

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