Fight 1.0 Released

I finally released my first original WordPress theme, Fight. It’s essentially exactly what you see here… for now.

I’ve already started working on my next theme, which will be a stark contrast to Fight - in fact, instead of being a black-based theme, it’ll be white-based, with two right sidebars. It will probably be up in about a week or so, but I don’t think I’m going to release it publicly; I may just keep it as the default Deanish theme all to myself. ;)

Download Fight Here

New Theme Coming

I’m making my very own WordPress theme for the first time. It’s quite time-consuming, which is why I haven’t posted much recently, but at least I’m learning a lot. The Flickr plugin that I was using seems to have shat on itself so, for now, there aren’t any Flickr images on the sidebar. Perhaps I’ll get that fixed with the release of the new theme. Hopefully, that’ll be done in the next few days, but no promises. ;)

For your theme designers out there, what type of license do you recommend - GPL or CC - and why?


I’ve recently launched the website, marking my first paid web managing gig, which is somewhat of a milestone for me. I used WordPress for the core of the site, since it’s so easy to use. I didn’t design the theme - that piece of excellence comes courtesy of gio - but I put the content of the site together, and spent quite a bit of time trying to find the perfect contact form before finding the totally sweet Dagon Design Form Mailer. Aside from finding and perfecting the contact form, the hardest part of this endeavor was finding good pictures to use as each page has a different header image. I think gio’s theme really matches the “natural” motif that this site is portraying.

Anywho, I just wanted to put this out there - feedback is welcome. :)

WP T-shirts

I’d buy a WordPress T-shirt, but they’re not available in XXL. Lame.

Tags, Part Deuce

Thanks to the amazing Apache guruishnocityness that is Nathan Dove, my tag URLs are now beautified.

For others who use Ultimate Tag Warrior as their WordPress tag plugin of choice but can’t seem to get the pretty URLs to work, the fix was actually relatively simple. Simply insert the following in wp-includes/classes.php, line 1542:

if (!preg_match("!^tag/!", $request_match) && (preg_match("!^$match!", $request_match, $matches) ||
preg_match("!^$match!", urldecode($request_match), $matches))) {

Thanks again to Nathan Dove for the fix, and Christine Davis for creating UTW in the first place. You rule!

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