Bush Sucks at Talking

Bush's Advisor

I don’t mean his faux Southern accent. I mean everything he says.

The man talks in circles. Someone could ask him, “What’s 2+2?” and he would respond with, “Well, what you’ve gotta understand is that these are numbers. We’ve gotta get the American people to back us on this. It’s in our interests to get this resolved so that free trade is universal in its application. We’re in the middle of an ideological struggle right now. Good question.”

What really pisses me off about Bush is the way he dodges the issue at hand by either making his responses far more complicated than they need to be, or by simply avoiding the issue altogether.

I’ve just finished listening to this morning’s press conference. Bush was asked about his policies/views on gay marriage and the closest he came to an answer was something like, ‘I’ve always believed that all people should have equal rights.’ Right… that’s why he wanted to ban gay marriage. OK. He then went on to talk about the reporter who asked the question, telling her that she couldn’t ask any more questions because she was taking too much floor time. What an asshole. When it comes to politics, reporters should be allowed to ask as many questions as they want until they get decent, solid answers to their questions.

On Iraq, Bush says we’re not winning (which I’m glad he’s finally admitted to himself) but not losing. Bush believes that one of the ways to help the situation in Iraq might be to send in more troops. Clearly, the majority is against him on this issue. When asked if he would override the decision of his military officials should he decide to execute this plan against their recommendations, he left the option open. I don’t blame him for keeping his options open - quite the opposite, in fact - but he did nothing during his speech to make me feel like he won’t need to override his military leaders.

I would like to see Bush hold a press conference where he answers questions in a straight-forward manner. I want him to answer with ‘yes’, ‘no’, and short - short - answers that actually, specifically address the question at hand.

One thing I can’t knock Bush on is his attitude - he’s always chipper. Its in his chipper attitude that he mentions all of these things he wants to work on - Social Security reform, taxes, minimum wage - but I haven’t noticed any significant progress on these issues. I guarantee that if I haven’t noticed changes then there are many, many others who haven’t as well.

Bush Trips on a Plane

Bush trips on a plane

“(1) Whoa… (2) fuck! (3) Shit! (4) I pooped my pants… (5) and I like it! (6) I like to let the runny poo drip down the back of my leg.”

Your turn - make a caption.

Episcopals Finally Get It

Yesterday, it was announced that the new leader of the US Episcopal Church is Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. Worth immediate attention is the fact that Jefferts Schori is the first female leader of the church in the US, and is one of only a few female leaders worldwide. Not only that, but she’s declaring that her church will be open to homosexuals - something that practically every institution tries to ban or, at least, avoid.

Bush\’s Face is Goofy

Let’s start a game - “Make a Caption”. (I put a lot of thought into the name of the game, as you can tell.) I’ll begin:

“Crikey - this coffee tastes like shit!… it’s a bit nutty…”

AllofMP3 Threatened by RIAA


More of the downhill battle continued, AllofMP3 is being threatened by the RIAA. The RIAA wants AllofMP3 shut down, claiming that AllofMP3 violates the rights of those who own the music by not paying for royalties.

The website, run by MediaServices Inc., has long protested its innocence. Yet the prices are remarkable: a British shopper can download an album from iTunes Music Store for £9.79; or typically about £0.75 from AllofMP3, which prices its downloads by file size. And the choice is enormous. All those Beatles albums that Apple is not allowed to sell can be found at AllofMP3.com for under a pound.

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