Practically anything can be appraised as art; it is the audience’s reaction to a particular thing that makes it so. No one can legitimately say that something is or isn’t art without turning the conversation into an argument; realistically, there’s no sense in arguing about art because there is not one true answer with which it can be defined. However, as human nature begs us to explain the inexplicable such as moths driven to fly to the flame, in an attempt to vaguely create a feeble finite formalization for art in the loosest of limitations: art is, simply, subjectivity at its finest.

Poem ~ How Dare You

This is my first poem in… jeez, probably over 5 years. Hope you like it.


How dare you.

How dare you abandon a little girl, a girl of your own seed;
How dare you leave her to cry in the arms of anyone other than yourself, ignoring heed.

How dare you cause her to suffer more misery and strife than yourself;
How dare you neglect your parental responsibilities in favor of anything else.

How dare you make her cry for hours at a time, holding on to memories that she cherishes so;
How dare you keep your hold on her, yet not starve to see her glow.

How dare you ruin another child’s life;
How dare you disregard what you know in your heart is right.

How dare you.

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