Re: Hot chicks play the Wii too! :: Destructoid

Take a look at this post on Destructoid, featuring female models pretending to play Wii, then come back here for my take on it.

In relation to the pics in the post…

#1 - Tennis
I get it; she’s playing tennis. That makes sense, but why is her hand on her hip? That seems not only illogical but just plain uncomfortable.

#2 - Heh… boobies…
The physical act of running isn’t necessary (especially when you aren’t even holding the nunchuck for the act of swinging your other arm), but maybe this is on Nintendo’s To-Do List - ankle bracelets that act as tertiary controllers? Can anybody say “Track & Field”?!

#3 - What the fuck?
I can’t figure out what the hell she’s trying to do here. Hold a pot over her head? A book, perhaps? Maybe it’s a silly WarioWare minigame? I just can’t think of a real circumstance where you’d need, or want, to do this.

#4 - Grafitti
She looks like she’s crying, while her blonde friend just laughs at her. Ha ha.

#5 - Brokeback Mountain
It looks like she’s riding a horse - kinda - but the real question is, what is she doing with her off-screen hand?

The bottom line is this: nobody’s gonna play a Wii because some pretty girls can pretend to have a good time, especially since they’d probably have just as much fun with a carrot. This is neither appealing to men nor women. What’s really gonna get girls to play, and get guys to want girls to play, are videos like this:

Wii Sports - Bowling for 91

Knocking down 91 bowling pins at once - who the hell thought that doing this would be a good idea?

Wii - First Impressions

Wii System and Remote

Having pre-ordered my Wii back in October, I was fortunate enough to not have to wait in ridiculous lines for hours and hours in cold rain, unlike many other Oregonians who purchased their Wiis upon its midnight launch last Saturday. I got home from my Wii adventure around 12:45am, where I began to carefully unpack the new Nintendo system. I lived this moment in slow motion, unwrapping each component with the care and respect it deserves to be afforded. My experience could be likened to the N64 kid on several elephant tranquilzers.


OK, that’s a dumb title for a post, but it pretty well describes my experience with the new Nintendo Wii thus far. Like my past few posts, this one won’t be long as I just don’t have much time - we’re still unpacking at the new house (which is great BTW) and we have other things going on - but I wanted to let all of my loyal fans now that I’ve been thoroughly [wow, I don’t think I’ve ever spelled that word before… it’s weird] enjoying my Wii. Zelda: Twilight Princess is amazing - it really uses the remote in very intuitive and fun ways. Rayman: Raving Rabbids has a ton of fun minigames and I’m really surprised at the amount of humor they put into it, but overall it’s lifespan will certainly be much shorter than Zelda. Wii Sports is such a great game for a pack-in - my favorites are Tennis and Boxing. Elisha brought Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz over last night; the sheer number of minigames featured is amazing, but they don’t control nearly as well - nor are they as much fun IMO - as Rayman. That’s all the time I’ve got for now; hopefully I’ll get more soon so I can write a real post.

Zelda: Twilight Princess - Lava Pit
I just got to this level last night.

Wii Pre-Ordered

I went to EB with my daughter, Sierra. We got there at 7:10 and, other than a homeless guy sitting on a bench outside, no one else was there so we went to Starbucks and got some breakfast. We came back around 7:30, discovered that the homeless guy was not homeless but, in fact, waiting for the Wii pre-order, and sat down by him.

At about 8:45, I discovered that this EB actually had their shit together when the EB manager came out and started handing out numbered tickets. Smart move. Technically we were second ones there, but another guy got to EB at about the same time as us so he got the second ticket. That’s OK - they had 25 pre-orders open. Probably 10 or so people were turned away, which really isn’t bad at all IMO, and most of those who were lucky enough to stay in line occupied their time with their DSes. I think I was the only one playing the old DS fat, while others (including Sierra) played the white and pink DS Lites.

We took advantage of EB’s trade-in offer - trade in 3 games, get an extra 20% - and reserved the Wii, 2 Wiimotes, and Zelda. There were lots of other game and accessory pre-orders available too. So why didn’t I get more? I didn’t get any extra nunchucks because I don’t know if they’ll be necessary for may games yet; if they are, I can always get ‘em later. I didn’t get a classic controller because I’m still hoping that the GameCube controllers will work. I’m not sure if we’re gonna get any other games yet due to undecisiveness and money. It’s between Red Steel, Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, Excite Truck, and Rayman. Actually, I guess my preferences are more or less in that order know that I think about it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and my finance manager (aka wife) will let me go wild. 8->

My local EB is releasing Wii at midnight - I can’t wait to finally, after all these years, be the “first one on the block” to have a brand new system, especially the Wii. :D

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