TMNT ~ Review


There are a ton of comic book-based movies coming out this year, but only one with four human-sized turtles and a rat. The trailer for TMNT looked promising and, having seen the movie, I can say that it certainly delivered. While it is a kids’ movie, it’s one that’ll satisfy the big kids, too.

300 ~ Review


A few of us went out last night to see the highly acclaimed 300, based on Frank Miller’s comic by the same name. I went into the movie expecting it to be nothing short of a “guy’s movie” - violence, action, epic speaches, rinse, repeat - and with that expectation, I was not disappointed. What started out as a reply to André’s review has turned out to be longer than expected, so here’s my take on Frank Miller’s 300.

Warning: If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go see it now. NOW. Then come back, read my review, and we’ll discuss.

Try Blockbuster Online Free

Thought I’d share this promo that I got in my email this morning with all of my loyal fans. It’s a link to get a free month of Blockbuster Online. We’ve had it for a while now and we love it. No late fees; their catalog is well stocked; and the return on movies is usually only 2 or 3 days.

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TMNT ~ Teaser

There’s a brand spankin’ new CGI version of one of my all-time fave super hero groups - the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! It looks dark and BAMF - I like it! I only hope the whole thing looks that frickin’ sweet. Check it out below.

The Tom Cruise Crotch Hug

Make a caption!


What can I say - TCLTC.

Spielberg to Cruise: “Is that a pencil in your pocket?”

Your turn. :)

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