Too Many Video Hosting Sites

The following is a prophecy from an uneducated bystander of internet affairs.

Viddler logo

There are just too many video hosting sites out there. Why? They all basically do the same thing - host videos for mass consumption. We’ve got YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, Revver, Daily Motion, Metacafe, LiveVideo, Brightcove, Grouper, MySpace… the list goes on and on. It’s pretty ridiculous, really. Instead of competing for their own piece of the pie, what I think these companies should be doing is joining forces to create über-sites of epic proportions. And all of these sites should strive to be more like newcomer Viddler, which is now in a “public beta” stage (and really, what site isn’t in some sort of Greek alphabetic stage nowadays?).

So, why Viddler? If the internet is full of too many hosting sites as it is, why am I rooting for a newcomer? Because Viddler has the potential to change the shape of the field. Aside from a few differences, mostly in the way that their communities are built, the other video sites aren’t really doing much that the ever-popular YouTube isn’t already doing. What that means is, in a few years, some of those video-sharing sites out there are going to fall flat and cease existence. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact. So what is Viddler doing differently? Read on.

John Karr is Creepy Lookin’

I don’t wanna go on and on about the JonBenet Ramsey investigation. I just want to state a fact. You should, at all costs, avoid looking like a psychotic video game villain when you’re being accused of murdering a six-year-old girl.

Half-Life’s G-Man and his real-life alter ego, John Karr.

JVC G787 52“ LCoS HDTV

JVC G787 52`` LCoS HDTV

Christina and I have never had a really nice TV. We grew up with the TVs that had to be adjusted with big blocky buttons that often stuck, or dials that had to be aligned with the sun and the moon to actually pick up a signal while being adjusted with pliers and an aluminum foil antenna. While those days are long gone for many, there are still some who watch TV under such circumstances or - gasp - don’t own a TV. We never really got caught up with the current mainstream technology either, let alone next-generation stuff.

Over the past few months, Christina and I have talked about getting a new TV. Not just a new one, but I really nice one. We wanted a TV that would last. Our mentality was, `if we’re gonna get a nice one, let’s get a nice one that will last into the future.` After some heavy duty online shopping with the expert advice of Eriq, we ended up not getting one after all.

That is, until last weekend.

AllofMP3 Media Frenzy Sparks Traffic

Amid mounting legal attacks, it seems the controversial Russian music downloads site is enjoying its time in the spotlight, benefiting from a boom in traffic. Both total pageviews and unique user levels have skyrocketed this month, reports Digital Music News, citing the traffic tracker [read more]

Good! AllofMP3 deserves the attention! I just added more funds to my balance and got a 10% bonus in celebration of the FIFA World Cup - how cool is that?! Plus, if Italy beats Australia in tomorrow’s game then I’ll get an extra 10% of today’s purchase; if Italy wins 1:0 then I’ll get a 50% bonus. What’s not to love?

That’s not to say AllofMP3 needs gimmicks like a FIFA giveaway to get my business - that just puts them above and beyond the rest.


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