The Heart of a Bean

beanWe went to the doctor’s yesterday to get Christina and the bean checked up. They’ve determined that Christina is 10-12 weeks along now, our due date should be around October 22, and that everything seems to be in good working order. Best of all, we got to hear the slight pitter-patter that is the bean’s heart, which is nothing short of amazing. I didn’t realize how fast their hearts beat - probably twice that of a regular heart.

We definitely want to find out the sex before birth, if for no other reason than to help narrow down the choices for names, but that won’t happen for a few more weeks. Christina said that she “kinda” liked Evangeline, which is a beautiful name, and “kinda” is among the best responses she’s had to any name yet. That’s assuming, of course, that the baby is a girl; if it’s a boy, I’m leaning towards Megatron. We’re looking for uncommon, but not far-fetched, names. (And, hopefully, nothing too trendy.) Any ideas?

There is one unfortunate side effect in this whole baby situation: with the dawning of a new baby comes the dusk of our beloved Ruckus. We simply can’t have a dog like him around. He’s too hyper, too random, too stressful, bites too much, and needs too much attention to be a good dog for a baby, so we’ve got little choice other than to give him away. Fortunately, Christina’s cousin has a friend who wants a Jack Russell terrier and - hey, wuddya know - we happen to have one available. At least this happened at a good time where we know someone who can take him in.

We never wanted to be the type of people who take in pets and them give them up on a whim, so believe me when I say that this decision was not on a whim; it’s something we’ve been thinking hard about since we found out about the pregnancy. We really do believe this is the best desicion for all parties involved, even Ruckus, but we are sad to see him go. He’s a cute pup and he’ll be great for someone’s family but, unfortunately, we aren’t that family.

Guess What?

Sierra has a very special message she’d like you to hear:

Our First Anniversary @ Melting Pot

Me and ChristinaChristina and I celebrated our first anniversary as a couple of old married folks yesterday at The Melting Pot, which is probably the States’ largest fondue restaurant chain. Since it only comes once a year and we wanted our first anniversary to be really special, we went all out and got the most expensive package they had - Lovers Lane - which includes a four-course meal in addition to some extra amenities that Christina wasn’t aware of, which made the night that much more fun.

The entrance to the restaurant is unique in that the restaurant is underground. On the street level, a staircase decends to the front door. The worst part of our night was our unwelcoming greeting by our host, James - he was either unhappy to see us or maybe he was just exhausted. Fortunately, James made up for the cold welcome later on in the evening.

Christina and her raspberry martiniWe were seated in a nice semi-private booth in the back of the restaurant. Soon after, Jerry introduced himself as our server and, since this was our first time, discussed the workings of the menu and the four-course meal.

Before I go on, you might be thinking, “four courses?” Yeah. Hell yeah. >:)

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