“Copier does not fabricate nuptial rings”

copier warning label

Another one: “Use of copier may result in divorce”

Make your own caption and leave it in the comments.

Khum Chaibuddee is Crazy

Why, I ask, would you kiss a king cobra on top of its head? Why, I ask, would you kiss NINETEEN of them? Khum Chaibuddee has two reasons - 1) he’s insane, and 2) he wants to beat the previous Guinness World Record of eleven venomous snake kisses.

Make a caption!

Khum Chaibuddee is nuckin' futs

“*SLURP!* Oops…”

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Bush Trips on a Plane

Bush trips on a plane

“(1) Whoa… (2) fuck! (3) Shit! (4) I pooped my pants… (5) and I like it! (6) I like to let the runny poo drip down the back of my leg.”

Your turn - make a caption.

The Tom Cruise Crotch Hug

Make a caption!


What can I say - TCLTC.

Spielberg to Cruise: “Is that a pencil in your pocket?”

Your turn. :)

Bush\’s Face is Goofy

Let’s start a game - “Make a Caption”. (I put a lot of thought into the name of the game, as you can tell.) I’ll begin:

“Crikey - this coffee tastes like shit!… it’s a bit nutty…”

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