Ava’s here! Sierra’s 7! Pictures!

This is a quick post to let you know that Ava’s here (finally!). She was born on October 31 at 2:57am. She’s healthy and beautiful. She has a ton of super dark hair and huge feet. Christina’s doing fine, though a bit sore.

Sierra’s 7th birthday was yesterday, but she didn’t have much of a party yet. That’ll be in a week or two.

Check out the pics here: /photos

Sierra - Aug 10, 2007

It’s been exactly one year since I wrote a post about my worries of losing Sierra to her biological mother. I’m happy to say that my fears never came to light. In fact, in some respects, it’s been the complete opposite: we’re adopting Sierra, and her mother hasn’t been heard from since that fateful court appearance.

Becoming a parent - an adoptive and biological parent - is finally starting to kick in. As the due date for our new baby comes closer, in addition to the date (still undetermined) for Sierra’s adoption ceremony, the words “daddy” and “mommy” are becoming more common, yet are still a bit unfamiliar. Sierra is becoming more confident in calling us by our respective parental identities, but one area that Christina and I need to work on is referring to each other by the same.

One of the goals I set for myself this summer was to get Sierra to read a book, without help, before she starts 1st grade on Sept 4th. She’s not quite at the level where she can read a book completely by herself yet, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll be able to get her there by the time school starts.

It’s funny to think that we’ve had Sierra for a year and a half. In some ways it seems like she just came to live with us; in other ways it feels like she’s been with us all along.

Chore Wars

chore-wars.pngChristina and I have discussed building some sort of reward system for Sierra when she does something good. Actually building such a system, though, would be quite the challenge. A few days ago, Dré sent me a link to a new game called Chore Wars. The concept? Do chores, earn XP, collect gold and treasure. Basically, it’s a live-action RPG in the truest sense of the term.

The beauty of Chore Wars is that there aren’t really any rules (aside from the setup of the game itself), which works perfectly for our needs. Basically, you create chores (referred to in the game as “adventures”) and assign values for gold and XP for each chore. As chores are completed, players can log in and claim them to increase their in-game levels and their gold.

Individual chores can be given a range for rewards; for example, doing the laundry might be worth 20-25 XP and 11-28 gold. You can also assign the percentage chance of random treasures and wandering monsters, further increasing the feel of a traditional RPG.

While we probably won’t pay too much attention to wandering monsters, the rest of the game should serve as a great visual aid in helping us, and Sierra, see what she’s doing and what can be done to earn gold for privileges, toys, etc. I’ll try to post an update in a few weeks, after we’ve used Chore Wars for a while.

Names and Zoo

Sea LionYou know how we didn’t want to pick a popular, trendy baby name? As it turns out, the name we were leaning towards - Ava - was the fifth most popular name in the US in 2006. So much for originality. Variant spelling Eva was ranked 124th, which is the spelling I’ve argued since the name was mentioned.

We actually met an Eva (spelled with an E) over the weekend at the zoo, who was the first young Eva I’ve met. I happened to overhear her father calling for her, so I asked him about her name and the spelling. It was then that I learned about the extreme popularity of the name. Since then, my hunt for a name has broadened somewhat, though I haven’t found any new prospects.

Back to the zoo, we went there for our annual company picnic, which I was in charge of planning this year. All I can say is that party planning can be a bitch, but it turned out well in the end. Everyone seemed to have a good time, which is the ultimate goal of any such event. View photos.

Christina, expectedly, got a bit tired towards the end of our tour through the zoo, but she and Sierra still had fun. Many of the animals were out that day, a day in which rain was expected to ruin our adventure but suddenly decided to take a break and let us have a warm, humid day instead. I found a new love for sea lions and reaffirmed my love of elephants.

Monkeys in cages make me a little sad - I’d hate to be stuck behind a cage all day (which I am, metaphorically, but I digress). These gibbons, though, really take the cake.


Friends Pt.1 Friends Pt.2 Friends Pt.3 Friends Pt.4 Friends Pt.5 Friends Pt.6 Friends Pt.7

The Heart of a Bean

beanWe went to the doctor’s yesterday to get Christina and the bean checked up. They’ve determined that Christina is 10-12 weeks along now, our due date should be around October 22, and that everything seems to be in good working order. Best of all, we got to hear the slight pitter-patter that is the bean’s heart, which is nothing short of amazing. I didn’t realize how fast their hearts beat - probably twice that of a regular heart.

We definitely want to find out the sex before birth, if for no other reason than to help narrow down the choices for names, but that won’t happen for a few more weeks. Christina said that she “kinda” liked Evangeline, which is a beautiful name, and “kinda” is among the best responses she’s had to any name yet. That’s assuming, of course, that the baby is a girl; if it’s a boy, I’m leaning towards Megatron. We’re looking for uncommon, but not far-fetched, names. (And, hopefully, nothing too trendy.) Any ideas?

There is one unfortunate side effect in this whole baby situation: with the dawning of a new baby comes the dusk of our beloved Ruckus. We simply can’t have a dog like him around. He’s too hyper, too random, too stressful, bites too much, and needs too much attention to be a good dog for a baby, so we’ve got little choice other than to give him away. Fortunately, Christina’s cousin has a friend who wants a Jack Russell terrier and - hey, wuddya know - we happen to have one available. At least this happened at a good time where we know someone who can take him in.

We never wanted to be the type of people who take in pets and them give them up on a whim, so believe me when I say that this decision was not on a whim; it’s something we’ve been thinking hard about since we found out about the pregnancy. We really do believe this is the best desicion for all parties involved, even Ruckus, but we are sad to see him go. He’s a cute pup and he’ll be great for someone’s family but, unfortunately, we aren’t that family.

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