Our Newest Family Member - Ruckus!

We got a Jack Russell Terrier last week. His name, Ruckus, came somewhat accidentally. We were discussing names for the pup (he’s 13 weeks now) and Christina said something like, “Are you causing a ruckus?” And then I said, “Ruckus, that’s a good name. I like it.” Christina and Sierra agreed and so it stuck. He’s such a great dog (for now, anyway). He’s had a few potty accidents, but he’s still young so that’s to be expected. He loves people, playing, and cuddling while sleeping.


I didn’t want to make the announcement until I had some good pics to put up, but we can’t find our battery charger for our camera so I just used this camera-phone pic. More to come! (As soon as we find our charger, that is…)

Signing My Life Away

Sign here

Last year, it was the marriage certificate; yesterday, the paperwork for our new house. (All 4,565,734,390 pages.) What’s next?

We’re really happy and excited to get into our new place. Currently, we’re trying to figure out if we want to finish the house with laminate flooring to match the dining room, kitchen, den, and office; or if we should get new carpet; or if we should just keep the old carpet. Parts of the old carpet are pretty worn, so it would be nice to have it replaced. I have no idea how to install carpet, though it seems like laminate is really easy.

I’m staying away from all Wii and Zelda videos on the internets now. There’s so much out there, I could just watch people play and never play myself (which is the complete opposite of what I want). Just over 10 days ’til it’s mine, all mine! >:)

Sierra had a breakdown of sorts this morning. Christina picked her up from her bus stop and Sierra was bawling. She’s gonna miss her friends at her old school. She’ll make new ones, I know, but the poor kiddo makes me so sad sometimes. I feel her pain; I know what it’s like to move away from friends and family. It’ll be great in the end though, I know it will. We have a ton of kids in our new neighborhood; she’ll be better off than she thinks.

House Inspection

We had our new house inspected today by Cory at Inspectek West. He did a really great job of performing a thorough inspection and explained his findings really well. The report he made was really cool and was much more detailed than I expected. It had pictures of everything that may need repair and even had little arrows to pinpoint the problem in each picture.

During the inspection, the sellers came home. We were afraid of a conflict of interest, if you will, but it was such a cool experience. We got to talk to them about lots of things about the house, the neighborhood, and their family. I was really glad that we ran into each other, allowing both parties to know a little about where the house came from and where it’s going.

We wanted to clarify the appliances with the sellers - which were they leaving behind? They were actually planning on leaving all of the major appliances, including the fridge and washer/dryer. We don’t need the latter, but we can certainly use the fridge. So that was good. We thought that the house had two sheds, but it actually has three - a small bike shed and two large sheds - so we’ll be able to use one of them as a tortoise house for Ozzy.

The sellers are letting us keep the extra paint and flooring as well, which is awesome because it’ll make it way easier for us to match new paint should the need arise. The sellers told us about some of the neighbors in the ‘hood, and that the elementary school was a good one.

Above all else, Sierra got to play with some of the neighborhood kids. It was so cool to see her blend right in with them, even though she was the youngest of all. The sellers have a border collie (which Christina said she might consider!) and two cats; another girl brought over her guinnea pigs for Sierra to play with. Meanwhile, there are a ton of other kids running around the neighborhood, playing and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. I love it. It reminded me of the way Shawn and I used to play, and I now know that Sierra will be able to experience that too.

We’re Buying a House!

One of the upsides of my dad’s passing is that Shawn and I are inheriting money we wouldn’t have had otherwise. We’re not getting a ton of money, but we’re getting “enough”. After looking around the market for many months, Christina and I have finally found a house we love. It’s in Cornelius, which is just west of Hillsboro… which is west of Beaverton… which is west of Portland. (View it on a map, it’s easier that way.)

It’s gonna be great to be so close to work - only a 15 minute drive. The house is a newer manufactured home, with a beautiful professionally landscaped yard, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (both with large tubs), a large kitchen with an island, seperate dining room, living room, office, den, two sheds, a raised flowerbed, covered carport, and a fence. The house has just about everything we could hope for and it’s at the end of a cul-de-sac in a great modern neighborhood with a combination of new-contruction homes, right behind Fred Meyer, Walgreens, and 711 (Slurpees!). We’re really excited, but still understandably nervous about affordability. I think we’ll make it work if we really try. I’m really looking forward to a little privacy with my wife and (foster) daughter.

The only downside to getting our own place is the side effect of said privacy - leaving our roommates, Christina’s mom and aunt, to fend for themselves. We feel bad, because neither of them are making much money right now and in some ways they’re just too different to stay together (for instance, one’s a neat freak while the other is… well… not). All we can do is hope for the best and help when we can.

Anyway, here’s another couple pics of the new place! (BTW, the furniture doesn’t come with the house. Duh. ;) )

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