McDonald's - I'm Hatin' It


I just bought 35 Sausage McMuffins with Egg from the Golden Arches this morning. That’s a helluva lot of McMuffins, especially considering I don’t eat McDonald’s.

I’m sure they taste good. They certainly smell good… but I won’t eat ‘em. I’m stubborn. There are still about 20 of those things left as people here at work have wolfed ‘em down, but I won’t eat one. You might’ve guessed, and you’d be right, that my life was changed by Super Size Me. But now, over a year after seeing that fine documentary, I still haven’t taken so much as a bite of Mickey D’s. I should just get over it, right? Maybe. I just don’t want to.

Morgan Spurlock, Super Size Me
Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock




Gas is expensive and Americans, in general, are lazy. So what can we do to rectify both problems with one stone? Ride bicycles. Bikes are an eco-friendly, healthy way to get to where you need to go as long as you live within reasonable distance. Portland is often referred to as the bicycling capital of the US, and for good reason - we have tons of trails around the area and practically every street has a seperate bike-only lane, making it convenient and easy to start riding.

Here’s the problem with the hardcore bicyclists - they don’t follow the rules. They go from street rules to pedestrian rules as they please, and that just ain’t cool. This morning I was reminded twice about why I don’t like bicyclists.

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