What a deal! #5


Wow! With savings like that, I could save up to buy more air!

What a deal! #3

What a Deal - Chicken - $8.99

Let me get this straight - I can buy a 3 lb bag of chicken right now for only $8.99?! That’s incredible! That’ll save me… uh… nothing? How can this be an “automatic price reduction” if the price doesn’t reduce? Oh, I know - maybe it’s from the future! Yeah, I bet that’s it. :|

What a deal! #2


For $10, I’m gonna go get 3 of these bad boys! Cuz, ya know, pretty soon they’re gonna go back up to… 3 for $10. :|

Kevin Federline is the Best Search Engine

Kevin Federline Search Engine

Screw Yahoo!, Google, and the gang; K-Fed’s got it goin’ on in the world of search. Kevin Federline apparently has a deal with a search company called Prodege where he now has his own branded search engine. I wouldn’t normally say anything since The Superficial already had this covered, but there’s one important message that I need to share:

No results for kevin federline

Yes, it’s true; if you use Kevin Federline’s search engine to look for Kevin Federline, you won’t find Kevin Federline. Awesome. Perhaps there’s justice in this universe after all.

Prodege is an advertising engine - basically you label the engine with whatever you want (in this case, K-Fed) and then you earn money as people search with the engine. From their FAQ:

Are the PRODÉGÉ search results going to be as good as the search engine I am using now?
Absolutely. The people who support your cause by searching your site will get the same high-quality search results they are used to seeing.

What percentage of revenue does a PRODÉGÉ partner receive?
Your organization will receive 30-50% percent of gross search revenues generated.

Uh… perhaps if by “absolutely” they mean “not even close” then this is true - otherwise, they’re just useless scammers looking to sell sponsored search links. I hope this stunt is worth it, K-Fed.

Am I a Winner?

The BK Theft Deterrent System

The BK Theft Deterrent System
“Take a look in the window, then get the hell away.”

Sierra and I went on a bike ride through our neigborhood a few days ago when we happened upon this humble abode. The Burger King’s utter creepiness is more than a tad bit frightening.

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