What a deal! #2


For $10, I’m gonna go get 3 of these bad boys! Cuz, ya know, pretty soon they’re gonna go back up to… 3 for $10. :|

3 Comments on “What a deal! #2”

  1. Tombstone is gross!

  2. OBviously Mary doesn’t know good, quality, gourmet food when she tastes it. Hmph. Seems like a bargain at twice the price to me. And apparently to (?) Albertson’s (?) too..Dean, we there for lunch today? We’ll heat em up in the microwave, it so totally works. And Mary doesn’t get any.

  3. I remember you posted another picture of something on sale at fredmeyers for one cent off commenting that Fred Meyers was a silly bitch but you still loved it. This begs the question: Dean, do you actually take the time to walk around that store with a camera looking for these prices? Trust me, you won’t have time for that shit in 8 months!…but I still love ya.


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