Today is a Sad Day

Today is a sad day for four main reasons.

  1. Most importantly - A journalist was arrested for asking a politician from Giuliani’s camp a tough question. This is a disgrace and a clear violation of the American Constitution. The journalist did nothing against the law - sure, he was overpersistent, but that’s not against the law - yet he now faces felony charges. All that the politician had to do was reply, “I’m not going to answer your question” - but, instead, he released the hounds. I’m not typically one to get all that worked up about politics but that, my internet friends, is a sign of fascism, not democracy.
  2. Portland’s free wi-fi sucks.
  3. Bob Barker is retiring from The Price is Right. His last show was taped today, and will air next Friday (June 15th).
  4. Orb isn’t featured in the Webware 100 awards. At least Netvibes and Pandora are on there.

5 Comments on “Today is a Sad Day”

  1. We need to do this again… SOON!

  2. What? We need to have another sad day soon? You’re a sad, sad man…

  3. Umm. I added HTML to a picture of the Yurt Camping trip. I guess wordpress doesn’t like HTML in comments?

  4. WordPress likes HTML in comments, it just doesn’t like you.

  5. I just checked your comment - you put in a link to the image, but no text to link with:
    [a href="" title="Photo Sharing" rel="nofollow"][/a]
    (I replaced the brackets with anchors so you could see what I’m talkin’ ’bout.)

    You would either need to do:
    [a href="" title="Photo Sharing" rel="nofollow"]Yurts are awesome[/a]
    [img src="" alt="Yurts are awesome" /]


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