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Mass Effect stirs up Fox News

I just watched a video on Dtoid from Fox News, where a bunch of reporters basically said that it’s unfortunate that parents should monitor their kids’ actions, specifically when it comes to the video game Mass Effect.

What’s all the hubbub about? There’s a scene in Mass Effect that shows partial nudity in which the main character has consensual sex with another character. Excuse me - according to Fox News, the game shows full nudity and exploits women. I’m not really sure how that’s possible since you can play the game as a man or a woman, but hey, I’m not an expert reporter.

The “report” is flawed in many ways, but one quote that stuck out to me particularly was this:

“Who’s playing videogames? Adolescents, not their dads.”

I love the false claims that these idiots make through the “report”, but this one takes the cake. I play way more games than my kids, and I bet many other parents would say the same. In fact, even when I was a kid, my mom’s boyfriend played more games than I did (even going so far as to create his own maps of Final Fantasy dungeons - thank Jebus we don’t have to do that nowadays!). Of course, the people who don’t play are clueless and ignorant, which is how bullshit like this “news report” continues to exist.

I’d like to see Fox News get a bunch of barbecue chefs together to discuss the upcoming presidential election, just to ensure accurate coverage among all facets of their reporting. It’s important to have the right people for the job, ya know.

In all fairness, I haven’t played Mass Effect, so my opinion is as much hearsay as that of the Fox reporters. The difference is that I’d be willing to change my views on the game should I see evidence to support that claim, while these reporters seem to be stuck in some sort of mental road block that will not allow them to change lanes.

One last thing. It’s funny that they’ve come to terms with people killing each other (in games), but falling in love and having sex? In a game rated M, where this scenario can be avoided entirely (you don’t HAVE to have sex in the game), on a system that has parental controls? “NOOOOO!” Love and sex are, apparently, worse than death. What is this world coming to…

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  1. Fox News? Misrepresenting something? What the???

  2. Somewhat related, last I heard my professor was working on an article comparing video games to things like LeapFrog games. I don’t remember the exact arguement, but it’s basically that if video games have been proven not to alter kids for the worse (which I think has been done in some studies) then the educational video games CAN’T change them for the better. I’m going to ask him about it more, but you’re arguement is valid Dean. The problem is that it doesn’t amount to much unless you’re a politician because many others have made the same comments.

  3. I agree with what your professor is saying to an extent, but not entirely. If video games aren’t bad then educational games aren’t good - I agree with the logic, but not with that statement itself. I do think that games, like any other medium, can have a long-lasting affect on its players. The problem is that many parents don’t supervise their kids enough to make responsible choices for their kids, and then they freak out when something that they didn’t anticipate happens - especially when they hear it on the news.


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