Sony + Microsoft = Awesome

It was only a matter of time before a company came out with a true “iPhone killer” - but who knew it would be a joint venture by oft-rivals Sony and Microsoft? Sony Ericsson has developed a new, super slick interface for Windows Mobile called XPERIA (annoyingly in all caps) which allows one to easily switch between applications like never before possible on a Windows-based phone.

Sony Ericsson’s new device, the X1, is exciting for many reasons. To me, the best reasons are that it makes up for the iPhone’s shortcomings.

  • 3G: The iPhone runs on the slower EDGE network. With 3G, the X1’s faster data connections means more reliable streaming of online content like audio and video.
  • Slide-out keyboard: The iPhone’s on-screen keyboard doesn’t make for the best keyboard, in my opinion. I really prefer the tactile feeling of a real keyboard.
  • Windows: There are many third party programs available on Windows Mobile - on the iPhone, there are virtually none (unless you want to run the chance of bricking your phone).
  • Flash: Rumor has it that the X1 will actually play Flash, rather than convert certain streams into a compatible format. If this proves to be true, that would really bring the internet to your phone in a way that not even the iPhone can do.

The X1 isn’t coming out until summer-ish, maybe later, so it’ll still be a while before the hype goes mainstream. For now, it’s still just a gleam in a geek’s eye… but man, it’s cool.

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