An Oregon Girl recently blogged about who she’s going to vote for to be president, which reminded me to do the same. Unless something completely wacky happens to make me change my mind, Obama has my vote. Of all things, I admire his sense of honesty most of all. When he gives a speech, or answers a question in a debate, it doesn’t sound over-rehearsed or generic; he speaks from the heart, and I appreciate that.

One thing that An Oregon Girl mentioned that bothered her about Obama was that he doesn’t support gay “marriage”, only “civil unions”. I do support gay marriage, and while he may not support using the word “marriage” for gay couples he still believes that they should have the same rights as straight couples. Works for me.

I also think that I like Obama’s idea about universal health care. Whereas Clinton wants to force everyone to have health care whether they want it or not, Obama plans to make it so affordable that no one would not want it. It’s basically just a different spin on the same issue, but I just like his spin better. Clinton and Obama are very similar candidates in many other ways, but I think Obama has the passion and heart to really make a difference in this country. He seems to really be a man of the people, which I think would make an excellent president. It’s like, finally, a president who kids can look up to.

I’ve taken a couple of online presidential nomination quizes and I haven’t matched more than 47% or so with any one of them, so I don’t put a whole lot of faith into those. I’m sure part of that has to do with the fact that I don’t know much about the economy (other than it’s apparently crappy, and we’re in the biggest deficit in American history, and gas is still about $3/gallon) so that’s probably where the big discrepancies come into play.

My mom was going to vote for McCain, but then I told her that he doesn’t support abortion or Roe v. Wade and that pretty much threw a wrench in her plan.

My brother, Shawn, is a registered Republican. I’m registered as a non-affiliated independent (not in the Independent party) but generally lean more towards Democratic views. This can make it hard to talk about politics without getting into a debate. That said, I haven’t talked to him about who he’s voting for.

Public Service Announcement: Did you know that when you vote for a president, you’re automatically registered to whichever party your nominee belongs to? I heard that on NPR a few nights ago and thought that was pretty weird. However, you can just re-register as non-affiliated independent or what have you after you’ve voted. That’s probably what I’ll do. I just don’t like the idea of being automatically affiliated with a group that I’m really not that affiliated with.


Speaking of public service announcements…