New Theme Coming

I’m making my very own WordPress theme for the first time. It’s quite time-consuming, which is why I haven’t posted much recently, but at least I’m learning a lot. The Flickr plugin that I was using seems to have shat on itself so, for now, there aren’t any Flickr images on the sidebar. Perhaps I’ll get that fixed with the release of the new theme. Hopefully, that’ll be done in the next few days, but no promises. ;)

For your theme designers out there, what type of license do you recommend - GPL or CC - and why?

2 Comments on “New Theme Coming”

  1. All the best! Don’t be afraid to break things.

  2. Can we get a preview? You’re taking so long…

    For new wp designers, I’d suggest CC. Protect yourself and protect your content. At least, it’ll stop thieves from blatantly ripping your theme and promoting their own version on public databases. Once you’re well known, go with GPL.

    If you worry about growth and linkbacks, there’s really no difference between the results of GPL and CC. Most bloggers don’t remove credit links because they respect the effort put into developing themes.

    For the ones that do remove credit links, they’re going to do it regardless of your license.


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