Sea LionYou know how we didn’t want to pick a popular, trendy baby name? As it turns out, the name we were leaning towards - Ava - was the fifth most popular name in the US in 2006. So much for originality. Variant spelling Eva was ranked 124th, which is the spelling I’ve argued since the name was mentioned.

We actually met an Eva (spelled with an E) over the weekend at the zoo, who was the first young Eva I’ve met. I happened to overhear her father calling for her, so I asked him about her name and the spelling. It was then that I learned about the extreme popularity of the name. Since then, my hunt for a name has broadened somewhat, though I haven’t found any new prospects.

Back to the zoo, we went there for our annual company picnic, which I was in charge of planning this year. All I can say is that party planning can be a bitch, but it turned out well in the end. Everyone seemed to have a good time, which is the ultimate goal of any such event. View photos.

Christina, expectedly, got a bit tired towards the end of our tour through the zoo, but she and Sierra still had fun. Many of the animals were out that day, a day in which rain was expected to ruin our adventure but suddenly decided to take a break and let us have a warm, humid day instead. I found a new love for sea lions and reaffirmed my love of elephants.

Monkeys in cages make me a little sad - I’d hate to be stuck behind a cage all day (which I am, metaphorically, but I digress). These gibbons, though, really take the cake.


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