History of Nintendo; Simplicity Makes a Comeback

This video is a guide through the Nintendo Museum exhibition from earlier this year in Japan. It’s an amazing look at the rich history of Nintendo in their never-ending quest to entertain the masses. I really enjoyed seeing things like Nintendo’s Lego-like Mii-ish toys, the original pre-NES Duck Hunt, and the Famicom Disk System - things I never got to play with, but I probably would’ve. This video was made as a pilot for Points, a new series of videos by Jason DeGroot that focuses on not games, but gamer culture.

If you like the music in that video, you’re not alone - I dig it too. It’s made by the producer of the video, under the moniker 6955. From what I understand, he makes all of his music with the Game Boy Camera accessory. Yeah, crazy.

In addition to his own gig, 6955 is doing all of the music and sound effects for a sweet looking game still in development called Fez, which is being developed by a small studio in Montreal called Kokoromi. I originally found out about this game (and 6955) on 4 color rebellion, which sent me on the link-clicking goose-chase that is the internet and has blossomed into the post you see here today. Check out the trailer for this sweet looking game:

Based on that trailer, Fez looks like it’s gonna be a great game. It’s part platformer, part puzzler, part wtf-I’m-manipulating-space-zomg - what’s not to love? The art style’s a throwback to the 2D 8-bit/16-bit days, but it’s actually completely 3D which is just awesome. Plus, it’ll have new old school music to go along with it. Long live old school!

BTW, to those of you who may subscribe to my blog (all 2 of you [if I’m lucky]), you may have noticed that I’ve been away from ye ol’ blog for a couple months. I should be gettin’ back into the swing of things.

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