chore-wars.pngChristina and I have discussed building some sort of reward system for Sierra when she does something good. Actually building such a system, though, would be quite the challenge. A few days ago, Dré sent me a link to a new game called Chore Wars. The concept? Do chores, earn XP, collect gold and treasure. Basically, it’s a live-action RPG in the truest sense of the term.

The beauty of Chore Wars is that there aren’t really any rules (aside from the setup of the game itself), which works perfectly for our needs. Basically, you create chores (referred to in the game as “adventures”) and assign values for gold and XP for each chore. As chores are completed, players can log in and claim them to increase their in-game levels and their gold.

Individual chores can be given a range for rewards; for example, doing the laundry might be worth 20-25 XP and 11-28 gold. You can also assign the percentage chance of random treasures and wandering monsters, further increasing the feel of a traditional RPG.

While we probably won’t pay too much attention to wandering monsters, the rest of the game should serve as a great visual aid in helping us, and Sierra, see what she’s doing and what can be done to earn gold for privileges, toys, etc. I’ll try to post an update in a few weeks, after we’ve used Chore Wars for a while.