As gaming evolves, complexity and emotion become the name of the game. This game, BioShock, puts you in a role of (potentially) tremendous guilt - do you save the little girls to be the hero, or kill them to take their power for your own gain? Sick, yes, but also extremely interesting.

I’m really looking forward to the openness of the game, including how you want to upgrade yourself. As you go through the game, defending yourself against (or savagely attacking) both machine and man, you can biologically modify your character to grow magical abilities like command lightning bolts and shoot bees out of your veins. Seriously - bees. You can even alchemize your own bullets and hack into security systems to make enemy machines your ally.

I was really looking forward to Metroid: Prime 3, which comes out just a week after BioShock. Unfortunately, I can’t afford both, so I need to make a choice. They’re both in the first-person shooter genre, but never before has a shoot-em-up offered so much open-ended freedom as BioShock. For that reason, BioShock is sitting at the top of my wishlist right now. (Plus, I can always rent Metroid: Prime 3 and buy it once I’m done with BioShock; it’s much harder [dare I say, practically impossible?] to rent PC games.)

BioShock comes out on August 21 for both PC and Xbox 360.

Here’s some gameplay footage: