Being Mean, Being Honest

I hate saying mean things about people because I wouldn’t want others to say mean things about me. However, I have to pose this question: why is American media so fascinated with Anna Nicole Smith?

Media Hype - Anna Nicole Smith

It’s always unfortunate to reflect upon one’s life in the face of death, but I don’t understand the media’s attraction to this particular person. As much as I don’t like putting people down, and I’m not saying that I’m any better, we have to be realistic here - Anna Nicole Smith was not a model citizen, or even someone people liked. She rose to fame for marrying an old rich guy, then continued to be famous because she had big boobs and struggled with her weight. Who cares? Why does the American media care so much?

What is “breaking news”? Is it something that will significantly impact a community, a city, a country? Is it something that can be helped? Shouldn’t “breaking news” be reserved for more urgent scenarios? Little girl kidnapped at Toys R Us in Tigard, OR - that’s breaking news. Someone famous with a crappy career is dead - that’s not.

Of course, these are just my personal observations and opinions; the media will continue to declare “breaking news” among things which are not urgent, and I will continue to complain about it. Life goes on. I just wish the news would be a little more selective in deciding what’s “breaking” and what’s not.

One Comment on “Being Mean, Being Honest”

  1. Personally, I think Americans love to have something by which to measure and gauge their own normalcy. We like having something around that makes us feel better about who we are, even if it’s on a subconscious level. If that something happens to be a washed up playmate or a divorced and dethroned queen of pop who apparently doesn’t have the wherewithal to put on a pair of panties for going clubbing, then it’s all the better.

    I mean, who cares if you’re working a dead end job or have a weight problem when we can simply project all of our self-loathing onto some other hapless sap. Whether it’s the ape-drape-sporting hick talking about sex with his sister on Jerry Springer or Paris Hilton falling down a flight of stairs (we can only hope), they allow us to forget about our own faults and follies; if for only a moment.


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