Activating Evolution - Discovering Abilities of Heroes

Devoted fans of NBC’s Monday-night awesomeness Heroes may have received an email from Primatech Paper today that referred them to activatingevolution.org. Upon visiting the site, we learn that it’s a viral site (that is, a site meant to create more buzz around the show) by character Mohinder Suresh, a genetic scientist (who got pwned on last night’s episode, which was awesome!). Mohinder talks about his father’s book, Activating Evolution, and there’s a couple of scanned pages to check out.

The layout of the site is pretty cut-and-dry, but it has one thing that really sets it apart - a wiki set up for us common folks to contribute to. The wiki makes the Activating Evolution site super cool. The fact that we, the fans, can manipulate the content on the site is a powerful message - one that says, “We want you to have a hand in this and make this even more special.”

While browsing the wiki, I found a list of powers that have been touched upon so far in the show, give or take a few. (Update: In the few short hours after this post, the list of powers has already taken a major overhaul and some the terms have changed; as such, I’m updating my list below with the new terms.) Here’s a list I’ve put together of what we’ve seen of our Heroes and their abilities so far, using the terms defined on the wiki (and some I made up, which are noted below):

Isaac Mendez

Clairvoyance - The power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses.

Notes: He (literally) paints the future. With paint.

Claire Bennet

Spontaneous Regeneration - The ability to heal oneself, however at at much more accelerated rate than normal humans or even the ability of healing itself. Generally takes place without conscious volition.

Notes: She can shred her hand in a garbage disposal, then 10 seconds later she’s right as rain.

Micah Sanders

Mechanical Intuition - The ability to intuitively understand how things function. This ability can be used to fix a broken or imperfect system by being able to sense intuitively how it should work and then repairing it by normal means. Many other things can be done with this power both good and bad.

Notes: He tells ATMs to give him money, and they comply without a hitch. Wish I had that power.

Nathan Petrelli

Aerokinesis - Aerokinesis is the ability to affect air or move air. Aerokinetics may be able to fly, use air to push objects (including people) away, or even create atmospheric conditions such as a tornado.


Flight (aka Ornikinesis) - This person has the ability to break free of gravity. How this is done is still a mystery. Does the person temporarily lose mass so as to be lighter than air? Do they create a magnetic field around themselves to repel the law of gravity? More research will go into this amazing ability.

Notes: Does he fly because he can move air? Or, can he control his mass - perhaps even gravity itself?

Matt Parkman

Telepathy - This ability can be described as the communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception. It may also mean the telepath can just read minds.

Notes: He occassionally finds missing children by hearing their thoughts for help, and he found out his wife was cheating on him by sneaking into her mind.

Niki/Jessica Sanders

Super Strength - Another of the self explanatory abilities, this users strength has been increased exponentially. It is believed that the users muscles are tighter and more dense than that of a normal human, giving them increased strength. How much stronger they are is not yet fully known but it is believed that with training this person can achieve strength that can lift/pull/push many tons.

Notes: She’s super strong, and super bi-polar - perhaps she’s possessed via necropathy?

Ted Sprague

Radiokinesis - The ability to generate and sometimes control excessive levels of ionizing radiation. At lower levels, it involves the biological accumulation of naturally occurring radioisotopes (such as the radium present in much ground water) without harm to oneself. At the superhuman level, it can potentially involve the ability to generate as much hard radiation as a nuclear bomb.

Notes: Sometimes he blows stuff up with radiation. Hey, it happens. Don’t judge.

Hana “Wireless” Gitelman

Technokinesis - This ability gives the user the power to communicate through electronic devices. Such a person could potentially override security codes and infiltrate an installation with ease by manipulating any electronic device.

Notes: She can communicate through any electronic device with her mind, like her brain’s a laptop with a satellite internet connection.


Invisibility (aka Optikinesis) - This user has the aptitude to bend light around them in such a way as they “appear” to not be visible. Infrared scanners however can detect the users heat signature making them visible.

Notes: He bends the light around him to make him invisible.

Candice Wilmer

Hermekinesis - This ability can be described as the ability to bend light around oneself in such a way as to appear different. Some might confuse this with morphing. There is no physical morphing that occurs with this ability and certain equipment can be used to “see” the real person behind the illusion.


Cellulokinesis - Similar in appearance to the Illusionist ability, this ability can be used to change the appearance of the user or possibly other people. A Cellulokinetic may also be able to alter their own mass or the shape of inanimate objects.


Biological Manipulation - Similar to Cellular Reconstruction, Biological Manipulation is the ability to control all aspects of a living creature’s biological make-up. This includes, but is not limited to, genetic alterations, physical distortion/augmentations, healing, disease, and biological functions.

Notes: Is her shape-shifting ability an illusion, or can she actually change her shape? Or more?

The Haitian

Erakinesis - This ability allows one to erase the memories of others. When exercised to its maximum potential, this ability has no limit - the user could completely mind-swipe another, leaving them in a comatose state.

Notes: This hero has the ability to erase people’s minds. (This specific ability wasn’t mentioned on the wiki so I made up the term erakinetic and added it.)

DL Hawkins

Phasing - this users ability is one of the more unique ones. Having the ability to change ones mass as to be able to pass through solid objects. It is also believed that an advanced user of this ability can change their mass as to make them more dense, almost immovable.

Notes: Escaped from prison by walking through his cell.

Meredith Gordon

Pyrokinesis - This ability enables it’s user to manipulate fire. How the person creates fire is not yet known. However it is a reasonable assumption that spontaneous combustion is part of the process.

Notes: She can create fireballs with her hands.

Hiro Nakamura

Chronokinesis - The age old idea of time travel. Lots of new research is hinting that slowing down, reversing or traveling through time is fast becoming a reality. It may also be possible for a human to manifest the ability to control time itself.

Note: He can teleport not only himself, but the things that he touches as he makes the jump. (This one was surprisingly not listed in the wiki originally, though it is listed now the same way I refer to it here, as chonokinesis.)


Intuitive Aptitude (aka Doublekinesis) - The ability to go beyond understanding how something works, to being able to do it. Where one with intuitive aptitude might be able to copy a learnable skill, someone with Duplication can copy even Anomalistic Abilities.

Note: His ability to see how the mind works gives him the greater ability to replicate those functions on his own.

Peter Petrelli

Mimikinesis - This ability makes its user a sponge of Anomalistic Abilities, making it arguably the most powerful and dangerous ability of all. Mimikinetics are extremely rare and often don’t understand how to use all of their abilities until forced, perhaps as a defense mechanism or the like.

Note: Peter’s ability definitely has the most potential. Whereas Sylar has the ability to learn, only Peter has the ability to passively mirror the abilities of others without even thinking about it. (The term mimikinesis is another one I’ve created, but I think it’s fitting.)

A couple of the powers that made me chuckle include statoelectricoshockacokinesis (the ability to discharge short shocks) and lactokinesis (the ability to manipulate milk - seriously). Neither of these powers are on the list anymore. Let me know if I missed anybody. I think I’ll add these to the wiki later tonight/tomorrow. I added mimikinesis and erakinesis to the wiki, as well as some minor editing and “Suspects” for applicable abilities - here’s hoping nobody goes in there and deletes everything.

5 Comments on “Activating Evolution - Discovering Abilities of Heroes”

  1. I notice the melty dude and the superhearing chick didn’t make the cut. Well..I guess they made the “cut” HAR har. Thanks Sylar :|


  2. “HAR har” made me lol.

    I couldn’t remember their names, and since they’re not recurring characters I just left ‘em out.

    Zane! Zane… something. Dammit. Oh well.

  3. Dean. Great Job. JUst added your blog to my favorites. Keep up the good work.


  4. Yeah, you also forgot super learning chick.

    Dale Smithers - Super hearing
    Zane Taylor - Melting dude
    Charlie ? - Super learning waitress

  5. u missed linderman.. he can revive living obects.. the haitian can also block all usage of powers around the surrounding area.. parkman’s dad and himself can make mind trap rooms and also make ppl do the things he want.. and theres molly who can find anyone on earth just by thought.. also, maya who can kill anyone except her brother within the range when she cries.. and adaptive muscle memory girl who can do exactly wad she sees..


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