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Why are you removing MP3 playback from the Photo Channel in the 1.1 update? This is truly a step backwards. While AAC may offer better sound quality overall, MP3 is practically a universal standard; to remove MP3 playback is to alienate many of your customers whose music libraries consist entirely of MP3s. I’m extremely disappointed with your decision to remove MP3 playback, and I genuinely hope that you will reconsider this poor choice prior to releasing Photo Channel 1.1.

Dean E Nelson, a long-time Nintendo fan

Are you as confused about this as I am? If so, tell Nintendo. Feel free to use my message (but change your name, of course).

3 Comments on “A Letter to Nintendo”

  1. I can always email Cammie Dunaway our old CMO. I report to Cristin, Cristin reports to Kathy, Kathy reports to Laura, Laura used to report to Cammie. Cammie left Y! to become the Exec VP in charge of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo.

  2. Reading this makes me think of a weird change in situations. You were the guy who grew up a wrestling fanatic and now have a lot put into computers (one way or another). I really never expected to see you care so much about certain file formatting. On the other hand, James who was our computer guy with a website we stood in awe of when we all joined together in High School is now G.I.Joe. I’d like to think I’ve changed to, but I think I’ve just become a bit quieter.

  3. P.S. I miss you calling me “Miguel.”
    I’m not gay.


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