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A few of us went out last night to see the highly acclaimed 300, based on Frank Miller’s comic by the same name. I went into the movie expecting it to be nothing short of a “guy’s movie” - violence, action, epic speaches, rinse, repeat - and with that expectation, I was not disappointed. What started out as a reply to André’s review has turned out to be longer than expected, so here’s my take on Frank Miller’s 300.

Warning: If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go see it now. NOW. Then come back, read my review, and we’ll discuss.

300 - Leonidus and the Shell
King Leonidus and his merry men

I feel that 300 is a great epic that was really well done as a whole, though there were a couple things that could’ve been better. One thing was the blood; while the choreography in the action scenes were nothing short of awesome, I couldn’t help but notice how the digital post-processed blood, squirting out of armies of dying bodies in every direction, didn’t seem to contact the skin of the Spartans, nor did the blood ever stain the ground. In fact, there are parts where you can actually watch the digital blood hit the ground and disappear only a second later. I could’ve done without the sex scene between King Leonidus and Queen Gorgo; it was a bit too pornographic, and it felt out-of-place. I also didn’t like the fact that Queen Gorgo succumbed to sex with Theron, but nothing was ultimately gained or lost of it. Lastly, due to the ridiculous amount of commercials on TV for this movie, lines like “This is Sparta!” and “Tonight we dine in Hell!” felt fitting, but also cheesy simply because we’ve heard them so many times now.

300 - Leonidus faces Xerxes
Xerxes asks for Leonidus’ loyalty

Despite the things that I didn’t like, there were many things about the movie that were excellent. As I said, I loved the choreography of the battle scenes. During these scenes, even though there was always a lot of fighting going on, I appreciated that the amount of characters on-screen didn’t feel overwhelming, unlike Lord of the Rings which always had such massive battles. The cast was perfectly chosen and, in that vein, I think they did a good job of letting the faces of the Spartans be seen through their helmets, allowing the viewer to feel a certain camaraderie with the group while in the midst of battle. One character I would like to have seen more of was Xerxes - he was very interesting to look at, and he had a really cool voice modification. I liked how he said he was a god, and he looked like a god as he towered over Leonidus. I feel that the movie did an excellent job of feeding into the mythology of ancient Greece by making characters like Xerxes god-like, as well as including other freakish, unnatural characters like the humanoid goat creature and the nigh invincible giant. All acting in the movie was superb. The costumes in the movie were excellent, and I’m sure there will be plenty of folks dressed as Immortals and the like this Halloween.

300 - Elephant Falls
I love watching endangered species die (that’s a joke, folks)


It’s hard to pick since this really was an awesome movie… the rhino and elephants were cool, as was all of the slow-mo fighting. The dialogue between Leonidus and Xerxes was good. The wall of humans, and the tree with grotesquely-assorted humans, were both really cool in a serial-killer sense.


Comedy: Not so much, though there were a couple spots that made me chuckle.
Drama: It’s an epic, so yes it was dramatic but not the tear-jerker kind of drama.
Horror: Not unless blood makes you queasy.
Suspense: No such luck.
Action: Hell yes - plenty of it.

In Short

300 is, despite its imperfections, an excellent action-packed movie for the whole family to enjoy. And by “the whole family”, I mean “adult males who like their violence”.

Buy It Rent It Don’t Bother

6 Comments on “300 ~ Review”

  1. Great review, man. Reading your “In Short” bit, so you’re saying my family will love it? lol

  2. lol, yes - I’m saying Laura is a man, Byron is really a 30 year-old midget, and Brynn is… well… different. :))

  3. Don’t bother downloading this one. 300 is like the recent Star Wars series; you need to watch it in theater.

  4. Oh yea Dean, we should start talking like Leonidas. That would make every conversation much more interesting.




    Er… maybe not. :)

  6. YES…WAYYYY!!! The best part is using it as an excuse to yell at someone.


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