Bush Defends Decisions on Iraq War

“I can understand how Americans are worried about whether or not we can win,” Bush said, adding that most Americans want victory “but they’re concerned about whether or not we can win.”

Doesn’t that seem a bit out of touch? Don’t you think that most Americans just want to get the hell out of Iraq, regardless of whether we can claim “victory” or not? Maybe I’m just projecting my views into assumptions of the general population but, in my opinion, the issue isn’t about whether we “win” or not… is it?

Source (no longer functional): Bush Defends Decisions on Iraq War - Yahoo! News

5 Comments on “Bush Defends Decisions on Iraq War”

  1. He certainly puts the “ass” in Assclown, doesn’t he.

  2. Out of touch? Um, we had elections, right? If we aren’t victorious and Iraq turns back to tyranny, why have so many of our men died (though not that many really have for a war, it’s more likely to be murdered in D.C. than Iraq)? The only way to honor the men and women that have died is to make sure we don’t have to have this war later on after the enemy re-stocks and is more capable of killing more of us, we are in this for the long hall. I know I may seem to sound like a crazy, redneck, right wing, Richie Rich guy, but I’m truly not. I was raised by HIPPIES, just like Dean, and I am a proud Republican.

  3. I understand your point of view 100% Shawn - I don’t totally agree with it, but I do understand it. Conflict resolution shouldn’t be achieved through violence - that makes us no better than them. Both sides have the ultimate goal of “domination = peace” but that’s not how things should work. The unfortunate thing is that we depend on militaries where (in an ideal world) we shouldn’t have to; of course, achieving such a goal would essentially require true communism (not dictator communism) which will almost certainly never happen.

  4. I also understand your opinion, but. Why would communism stop militias? Violence will exist no matter what government or economy is in place. If it could never happen, why support it?

  5. Theoretically, communism would (should) be a utopia where everyone involved would be content in their lives for contributing to the success of humanity, therefore eliminating the need and want for violence.

    I realize there are too many greedy people in the world for this to ever happen, but it sounds nice on paper. ;)

    I do support Democracy, but I don’t support invasions. I understand that most Americans, including you, believe that we were provoked and have enough legitimate reason to be in the position we’re in - maybe you’re right - but it seems to me that America as a country is, unfortunately, the world’s biggest bully. I appreciate the fact that we have men and women willing to sacrifice their lives to defend ours, but that doesn’t change my belief that words should be the ultimate answer to conflict - not violence.


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