Building Your Gaming PC!

Want to build your own personalized gaming PC? Here some great tips and guides to get you started!

If you’re looking to build your own or upgrade an existing PC, then look no further! I’ll be showing you the latest and up to date hardware for you to get started on building your beautiful works of art, known as Computers!

You’ll learn what is compatible with what, and which components will best suit your needs!
Know your hardware!
Before you even buy the components to build your computer, do your research first!
Like everything in life when it comes to building something, you must know what goes with what.

For example: Motherboards.

Motherboards come in two types of Processor Sockets. Intel, or AMD.

If you buy a Motherboard with an AMD socket, it will ONLY work with AMD Processors. Same with Intel.

BE AWARE of this, because Motherboards and Processors are usually the most pricey of all the computer components when building your rig!

Make sure you read the specifications of each piece of hardware you look at BEFORE you buy!

Barebones Kit or Separate Components?

Barebones are an easy way to buy what you need for your PC in a bundle, but they might not be exactly what you’re looking for.
For the common person just looking to build an up to date PC for the buck, a Barebones kit would be the best option to about for building a PC. Keep in mind you STILL need to assemble it, though. A barebones kit only gives you the hardware listen in it’s kit, but it is YOUR job to assemble the components in the case!

For the more “hardcore” or determined individual (myself included) personally selected separate PC parts are the better option. With this option you have more freedom of what you want for your PC to be running with. Keep in mind though that this can also be the more costly method, since what you are buying will NOT be a bundle that maybe the website you are buying from, has together.

Picking a Computer Case!

This is what people will see on top (or under) your desk! Why not make it look nice!?
Want to buy this case? Check it out by clicking the picture!! When you are building a computer, you of course need to put it inside something, right?

Most cases are typically a Medium size Tower.

There are 2 types of cases for most typical Gaming rigs. Medium and Full Size.

Full Size cases are more expensive, but usually have much better features in terms of, cable management, more space to work with when adding or upgrading, and room for bigger fans which means better cooler and overall performance of your machine.

Medium Tower cases are the default form factor for Computer cases, and can also give you a great deal or room for cable management and room for upgrading, as well. Medium Towers are also in the cheaper price range than Full Size Towers.

Need a hands on visual view to help you? No problem!

This video series from Newegg can help you get started on what you need when looking for the perfect set of components for your custom build PC!!

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