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This is Creepy

Stare at that for a while and tell me it’s not creepy. You can’t; it’s damn creepy. It’s like when Pennywise the Clown winks at Jonathan Brandis in Stephen King’s It, but worse, because you kind of expect a certain level of creepiness from a clown - not from a baby.

Sierra - Aug 10, 2007

It’s been exactly one year since I wrote a post about my worries of losing Sierra to her biological mother. I’m happy to say that my fears never came to light. In fact, in some respects, it’s been the complete opposite: we’re adopting Sierra, and her mother hasn’t been heard from since […]

BioShock Looks Sick - Literally

As gaming evolves, complexity and emotion become the name of the game. This game, BioShock, puts you in a role of (potentially) tremendous guilt - do you save the little girls to be the hero, or kill them to take their power for your own gain? Sick, yes, but also extremely […]

Rock band Fuel hires The Crow as new frontman

Fuel, with new lead singer Eric Draven. Er, Toryn Green, as he’s known to his parents.

(for comparison)
Thanks to Dré - the idea was all his.


Practically anything can be appraised as art; it is the audience’s reaction to a particular thing that makes it so. No one can legitimately say that something is or isn’t art without turning the conversation into an argument; realistically, there’s no sense in arguing about art because there is not one true answer […]

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