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Chore Wars

Christina and I have discussed building some sort of reward system for Sierra when she does something good. Actually building such a system, though, would be quite the challenge. A few days ago, Dré sent me a link to a new game called Chore Wars. The concept? Do chores, earn […]

Names and Zoo

You know how we didn’t want to pick a popular, trendy baby name? As it turns out, the name we were leaning towards - Ava - was the fifth most popular name in the US in 2006. So much for originality. Variant spelling Eva was ranked 124th, which is the spelling […]

Transformers ~ Review

I loved Transformers as a kid. I had a few of the toys and watched the ‘toon when I could, though I was pretty young; it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, and I really don’t remember it well now. I remember Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Bumblebee, but I couldn’t tell you […]

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