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IMing Gets Silly Sometimes

Eriq insisted that I post this conversation so he could conveniently show his friends how weird I am. Fair enough.
Eriq: dude, I actually used that one time. true story.
Eriq: really strange. much stranger than you’d imagine.
Eriq: somehow…
Dean: Stranger than a unicorn on a tricycle with the incredible Hulk on his shoulders bear-hugging Hulk […]

What a deal! #2

For $10, I’m gonna go get 3 of these bad boys! Cuz, ya know, pretty soon they’re gonna go back up to… 3 for $10.

TMNT ~ Review

There are a ton of comic book-based movies coming out this year, but only one with four human-sized turtles and a rat. The trailer for TMNT looked promising and, having seen the movie, I can say that it certainly delivered. While it is a kids’ movie, it’s one that’ll satisfy the big kids, […]

I’ve recently launched the website, marking my first paid web managing gig, which is somewhat of a milestone for me. I used WordPress for the core of the site, since it’s so easy to use. I didn’t design the theme - that piece of excellence comes courtesy of gio - but I […]

Kevin Federline is the Best Search Engine

Screw Yahoo!, Google, and the gang; K-Fed’s got it goin’ on in the world of search. Kevin Federline apparently has a deal with a search company called Prodege where he now has his own branded search engine. I wouldn’t normally say anything since The Superficial already had this covered, but there’s one important […]

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