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An Honest Mac Review

Finally, a refreshingly honest article on what it’s like to switch from Windows to Mac. No hype, no hipsterness, none of that nonsense.
I haven’t used a Mac in years, for one simple reason: I don’t need to. We just bought a brand new dual-core HP a little over a month ago, and we […]

The Ad-Sponsored WordPress Themes Debate

I’m not a huge proponent of disclaimers; though they certainly serve a purpose and are generally intended to help, I think they pacify our society by deminishing individual responsibility. More on that later.
I’ve followed Small Potato’s blog for over a month now, and read his post from this morning about sponsored WordPress themes - […]

The BK Theft Deterrent System

“Take a look in the window, then get the hell away.”
Sierra and I went on a bike ride through our neigborhood a few days ago when we happened upon this humble abode. The Burger King’s utter creepiness is more than a tad bit frightening.

International Music

For the past few months now, and especially since going to the Marrakesh over the weekend, I’ve been looking for good music that stems from international borders - especially Middle Eastern, Japanese, and Indian. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything that quite fits what I’m looking for yet.
The music at the […]


There’s a new(ish) MMORPG on the block that goes by the name of 9Dragons. Until last week it was a closed beta, but it’s now available to the public in all it’s open beta, World of Warcraft-ish glory. I tested it out over the weekend; while is has a few kinks, it’s […]

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