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TBD - Part I

This is part one of what I hope to be an ongoing story. What started off as a joke between Eriq and I turned out to be, IMO, a really cool intro to a story about a grasshopper with special powers. What are these powers? Read on to find out.

by Dean […]

WP T-shirts

I’d buy a WordPress T-shirt, but they’re not available in XXL. Lame.

Justin Timberlake on SNL

I’m not a fan of Justin Timberlake’s music, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying his always hilarious skits on SNL. Here are some good’ns:
A Special Christmas Box



Donald Trump OWNS Rosie O\’Donnell

Check out what Trump had to say about Rosie - rofl!

Bush Sucks at Talking

I don’t mean his faux Southern accent. I mean everything he says.
The man talks in circles. Someone could ask him, “What’s 2+2?” and he would respond with, “Well, what you’ve gotta understand is that these are numbers. We’ve gotta get the American people to back us on this. It’s in our […]

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