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Xbox 360 pwns PS3

I’m not talking about any kind of console war here - I’m talking about visibility. Check out the PS3 section of the Gamestop website - notice anything peculiar?

What do you think? Is it clever ad placement by Microsoft, or is Gamestop sly enough to do it on their own? Either way, […]

Wii Sports - Bowling for 91

Knocking down 91 bowling pins at once - who the hell thought that doing this would be a good idea?

Wii - First Impressions

Having pre-ordered my Wii back in October, I was fortunate enough to not have to wait in ridiculous lines for hours and hours in cold rain, unlike many other Oregonians who purchased their Wiis upon its midnight launch last Saturday. I got home from my Wii adventure around 12:45am, where I began to carefully […]


OK, that’s a dumb title for a post, but it pretty well describes my experience with the new Nintendo Wii thus far. Like my past few posts, this one won’t be long as I just don’t have much time - we’re still unpacking at the new house (which is great BTW) and we […]

$150 Mario T-Shirt

Get a Mario t-shirt - only $150.

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