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Thom Yorke - The Eraser

Radiohead has maintained its reputation as a main attraction in the world of rock music since their breakthrough hit “Creep” back in the early 90s, even with poor record sales and limited radio play after that time. The band’s singer, Thom Yorke, has recently released his first solo album, The Eraser, which combines keyboards […]

“I’m very easy lets meet”

I get spam email all the time. I usually get one worth mentioning about once a day, so I usually share my tale with Mary. This morning I’ve decided to not let Mary bogart my spammerific comments and, instead, I’ll share my spamity experience with you all.
This morning’s email, entitled “I’m very […]

TMNT ~ Teaser

There’s a brand spankin’ new CGI version of one of my all-time fave super hero groups - the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! It looks dark and BAMF - I like it! I only hope the whole thing looks that frickin’ sweet. Check it out below.

Tags, Part Deuce

Thanks to the amazing Apache guruishnocityness that is Nathan Dove, my tag URLs are now beautified.
For others who use Ultimate Tag Warrior as their WordPress tag plugin of choice but can’t seem to get the pretty URLs to work, the fix was actually relatively simple. Simply insert the following in wp-includes/classes.php, line 1542:
if […]

Blog ~ That Girl Emily

Holly introduced me to an intelligent dramablog about Emily, a 35 year old real estate agent who has recently discovered that her husband, Steven, has been sleeping with her best friend, Laura. Although the blog is a good read, I’m not convinced that it’s genuine.

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