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Amazing Percussion

I’ve always loved drums and percussion in general. Drums just have a way of making you move, and I love that. Here are some of the best drummers today:

AllofMP3 Threatened by RIAA

More of the downhill battle continued, AllofMP3 is being threatened by the RIAA. The RIAA wants AllofMP3 shut down, claiming that AllofMP3 violates the rights of those who own the music by not paying for royalties.
The website, run by MediaServices Inc., has long protested its innocence. Yet the prices are remarkable: a British shopper […]

X-Men: The Last Stand

Supposedly the final movie of the X-Men live action franchise, X-Men: The Last Stand releases in theaters today, May 26th. Through my connections (Brent, that is) I was able to attend a full screening of the new flick just hours before it’s Thursday midnight/Friday morning release - bonus.

‘The Office’rs Have Blogs

Several of the fine actors from one of my favorite shows of all time, The Office, have blogs on MySpace. While I’m not a big fan of MySpace (though I don’t think it’s the antichrist) it does have it’s uses in that it’s fairly easy to set up a MySpace account, lots of people […]

American Idol 5 - Finals

As much as it pains me to admit that I enjoy American Idol, it pains me even more to say that I want Taylor Hicks to win. Taylor was born for this. He was born to be an Idol. It’s in his soul.

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