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Sierra on Two Wheels

We opted to remove Sierra’s training wheels from her bike today. She got pretty frustrated at first - in fact, on her very first run she fell and threw a fit so we had to take a time-out and eat dinner before giving it another go - but she finally started to get the […]

Rip and Burn CDs

CDex allows you to take the tracks from your CDs and transfer them - rip them - onto your computer. Setting it up the way you want it can be a little confusing but it’s super easy to use once you get past that. CDex will turn you into a CD ripping machine in […]

Nintendo Wii Announced

If you follow games closely (or even loosly), you’ve no doubt heard that Nintendo is officially naming their next-gen console “Wii.” Though it’s pronounced “We,” and though I love making bathroom-humor fun of it regardless of how mature I’m supposed to be, I think it should we in the consumer gaming community should call it […]

Frolf and Working Out

Frolf is awesome. André and I went frolfing today during lunch at Orchard Park, which is where we went on Saturday too. We’ve had beautiful weather here in Portland the last few days but it’s actually pretty cloudy today; it even sprinkled a little on our way back. Despite this offset, Dré and I had […]

What a Great Weekend

We went to the Bistro Montage. Though there’s not nearly enough waiting room inside, it was a pretty nice night so we benched outside until we were called in. (The wait was about 40 minutes.) Once inside, we were seated at the end of a table. It might sound pretty random to point that […]

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