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Fowx Beer

The conversation went something like this:
Kristian: “I love me some fowx beer.”
Me: “Huh what? Fowx beer?”
Kristian: “Yeah, fowx beer. You know, like root beer. Beer that’s not really beer.”
Me: (thought for two seconds, then) “ROFL! LOL! LMFAO!” *cough* [still getting over bronchitis] “You mean ‘faux’?”
Kristian: “Yeah, fowx, ‘F-A-U-X.’”
Me, […]

Bush Defends Decisions on Iraq War

“I can understand how Americans are worried about whether or not we can win,” Bush said, adding that most Americans want victory “but they’re concerned about whether or not we can win.”
Doesn’t that seem a bit out of touch? Don’t you think that most Americans just want to get the hell out of Iraq, […]

Make Sense

I never understood why people say “go figure” for things that are obvious.  “The boat sank.  Go figure.”  Well, there was a big ass hole in it so, yeah it sunk.  I think we should reserve “go figure” for things that don’t make sense.  Just like “I could care less” - if you’re trying to […]

Government Spying

This is an extremely long but thoughtful post-turned-debate about the government’s ability to, essentially, do whatever the hell they want. Please keep an open mind and read on.
Michael O sent me this link to an article about a guy who was being watched by Homeland Security as he paid $6500 off on his […]

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