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Sierra is Awesome

Sierra told me a knock-knock joke yesterday. It wasn’t just any knock-knock joke, though; it was a request to get me to do something for her. LOL, it was awesome.
Sierra: “Knock-knock.”
Dean: “Who’s there?”
S: “Kitchen.”
D: “Kitchen who?”
S: “Kitchengo upstairs and get my presents?”
LMAO! Get it? “Kitchengo” = “Couldjago”? LOL! […]

Wendy’s Frosty and the DQ Blizzard

The Frosty is truly a modern marvel.  Is it a beverage?  Is it a food?  Who knows, man.
The American Heritage says:
food:  Nourishment eaten in solid form.
beverage:  Any one of various liquids for drinking, usually excluding water.
Well, going by this alone, I’d say the Frosty is a beverage.  But you can’t really suck it through a […]

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